Live Video Streaming

We DO live video streaming

Live video streaming is rapidly becoming an indispensable component of events

Live Video Streaming connects viewers to content like no other communication medium. Whether its live streaming from an event to give consumers the feeling of actually being there, live streaming an internal CEO townhall to global offices, to Hollywood red carpet event, live streaming provides authentic, interactive, unique experiences for viewers.
We have been live streaming for over 12 years from the days of our array of Windows Media Servers. We work globally, and produce streams from literally anywhere in the world. We can do single camera live streams from an office, or multi-camera live streams on location. We live stream into any platform: Facebook Live, Periscope, LinkedIn, YouTube, or to your own private video player behind data capture or a paywall


Video production can be a daunting medium: that's why we work with you to understand your key business objectives first, before recommending a tailored video strategy.


Once we understand your business objectives, we produce a Creative Treatment which informs the Script (and sometimes a Storyboard). From there we move into the planning phase, focused on creatives, timelines, logistics, location, crew, equipment and deliverables. Following feedback, we finalize a recommended Shot List.


Our in-house production crews deploy on location to shoot the video/event according to the agreed script & shot List. This can vary from a huge variety of video content from 30 second commercials, to 3 minute corporate videos, TV shows, live streams, animations, talk shows, short films, and social videos .


During the shoot, the footage is ingested and our video editors/ broadcast specialist will implement the appropriate graphic design/ motion graphics to the live stream.


The live stream asset is then distributed to your specific target audience via social media campaigns, media partnerships, blogger engagement, 3rd party seeding, database marketing, and online PR coverage.

HD/ 4K Capture

Our equipment is on the lead edge of camera sensor technology and with the highest grade of video encoding in the broadcast industry.

Multi-Angle Experience

Providing the best video experience is our first priority. From selection of camera prospectives to having the best plan of cinematography.

Network Infrastructure

Providing the more robust network infrastructure to complete redundancy in system fail-over is where our network engineers come involved.

Media Analytics

Media Analytics provides the insight into distribution strategies and helps pivot business initiatives

Stand out from the crowd.

We care about your image. In today’s busy lifestyle, it is hard to find new ways to stand out and grab your potential customers’ attention. Live video is the perfect way to do just that.

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